Monday, October 17, 2011

On My Way to Happliy Ever After...

Today I find myself focusing on what I have in my life that I truly would not want to live without. I have not achieved my happy ever after, but I am surely on the journey that leads to it. The beauty and mystique of a love story's beginning have come and past and reality has set in. The tough choices and sacrifices which are the meat and potatoes of a relationship surround my life now. We never stop wanting Prince Charming to come rescue us or maybe some of you like the slick, chrome, American prince version. Either way, it has been indoctrinated into our brains and we can't help ourselves. The best thing you can do for yourself is open your eyes and see the man you are dating or  are married to for who he really is. Don't try to fit him into your Disney Prince box! Value him for what he is and who you are when you are around him.

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